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Professor Simon Hix

Professor Simon Hix is the pro-Director for research at the London School of Economics and is the chair of Vote Watch Europe.  Professor Hix is a globally renowned expert...

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Governor Kim Beazley

Kim Beazley is the Western Australian Governor.  Governor might be his current job, but he was also the Australian Ambassador to the United States, Parliamentary Leader of the Australian...

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Steve Glickman

Steve Glickman, the CEO and founder of Develop Advisors, is the world’s foremost expert on Economic Opportunity Zones. Steve joined Misha to give his predictions on the mid-term and 2020...

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Ambassador John Berry

Ambassador John Berry was the US Ambassador to Australia from 2013 to 2017. He is now the President of the American Australian Association. Ambassador Berry joined Misha Zelinsky to talk about...

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After graduating from the University of Wollongong (Law and Economics), Misha Zelinsky began his career as a criminal defence lawyer for the Aboriginal Legal Service.

Misha is now the Assistant National Secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union, Australia’s largest blue-collar union, where he started as the Chief Economist in 2011. He is also a director of Cbus Super, an industry superannuation fund with over $43 billion under management. 

Misha is currently studying a Masters in Public Administration at the London School of Economics and Political Science. It’s a long commute, but he’s committed to making friends on distant shores. 

When he’s not overanalysing Australian and international politics, Misha enjoys traveling and takes a keen interest in sports that Australia can win regularly – and a passing interest in those we can’t.

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